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Paying for Groceries
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SureCard is the perfect solution for all your banking needs.


We offer customers a reliable and secure bank card with low transaction costs that make banking easy and convenient.

Experience the convenience of a POS Purchase - Quick, Easy, Secure

Our SureCard products offer the perfect tools for your everyday banking needs. With any of our products you can make point of sale purchases and withdrawals at a low cost. Plus, with tap and go technology, you can make fast and secure payments in a matter of seconds.

Use Your SureCard Grocery Coupon

Our Grocery Coupon service offers customers the opportunity to save up to R400 on their Shoprite purchases. We offer customers five free coupons to use each month, ensuring that they can make the most of their shopping experience. With these coupons, customers can enjoy discounts on their regular grocery items and save money on their shopping bill.

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Keep Your Funds Secure with SureCard ATM Safety Tips
  1. When using an ATM, always be aware of your 
    surroundings.  Look for suspicious people or activity.

  2. Use ATMs in well-lit, public areas and avoid using ATMs in isolated areas.

  3. When using an ATM, shield the keypad with your other hand to prevent others from seeing your PIN.

  4. Make sure to take your card, receipt and cash before you leave the ATM.

  5. Never accept help from strangers when using an ATM.

  6. Be sure to report any suspicious activity or stolen cards to your bank immediately.

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Our Product Solutions

Cash Access Account

Cash Access is a cash card funded by a single source, providing an easy way to manage your funds. With a low monthly fee and low transaction costs, Cash Access is the perfect solution for those looking to avoid costly debit orders.


With Cash Access, you'll have quick, easy and secure access to your funds at any time.

Classic Lite Account

The Classic Lite account offers customers of all ages a convenient and secure way to manage their finances.


With minimal application requirements and lower transactional limits, customers can experience the convenience of banking with peace of mind. 

Classic Account

Our Classic Account requires full FICA documentation but provides you with higher account limits, giving you the freedom to manage your finances with confidence.


With this account you'll have access to full debit card functionality, making it easy to access your money anytime. Our Classic Account is the perfect choice for those looking for more control over their financial freedom.

Business Account

Our Business Account offers convenient online banking, instant payments and low transaction fees, making it the perfect choice for your business's financial needs.


Enjoy quick and easy access to online banking to manage your finances. With our competitive low transaction fees, you can save money and keep your business running smoothly. 

Funeral Product

At SureCard, we understand the importance of planning for the ones you leave behind.

We are proud to offer two funeral products to make sure your family is taken care of during a difficult time. SureCard Savvy with a cover of R5000 and SureCard Smart with a total cover of R10 000.


Both products provide peace of mind and financial security for your loved ones.

Account Fees
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