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Our aim is to help you expand your existing or new business by providing you with the tools to build a trusting relationship with your clients and deliver a great customer experience.
Why choose us
More than a cash card.

It is important to often evaluate business goals and a brand's essence. We found ourselves on the path of renewal and rejuvenation and decided that it was time readjust SureCard's positioning in the market.

We have redefined our goals with not only the Card Issuers in mind, but their staff and clientele as well.

SureCard is a known service provider that adds value to an already existing or new microfinance establishment. We are confident in the value our products add and look forward to assist your business' growth and elevation among others.

You will be able to issue a fully functional bank account to your clients, in your branch. Use our integrated partners or your SureCard Business Account and transfer the loan directly into your clients' new account.

Great client experience.

The loan paid to your clients' account will be available immediately. They can also get a bank statement from you, request a card replacement and much more.

By opening a SureCard account for your client and paying out the loan into that account, can earn you cash back with our Loyalty Programme.

Go cashless and earn cash back.
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