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fraud awareness - 

At the ATM

Have your card ready in your had when you get to the ATM. Stand close to the ATM and cover the keypad while entering your PIN. Follow the ATM’s instructions carefully, entering the required information only when prompted. Don't let anyone distract you, or leave your card unattended in the card slot. If someone approaches you at an ATM, cancel the transaction and remove your card. Don't accept help from strangers.

On your cellphone

Secure your device and access to your account with a strong PIN. Let us know if your cellphone number changes, so we can update your details. Never give your PIN to anyone. Never store any banking credentials such as ATM PIN, card number, passwords etc., on your cellphone. If your cellphone is lost, stolen or not in your possession, contact us.

Protect your PIN

Memorise your PIN, never write it down or disclose it to anyone. If you can not memorise it, keep it in a safe place separate from your card. Do not give your PIN to a SureCard employee or Issuer, they do not need your PIN.

Take charge of your account

Go through your statement regularly. Understand your deductions. Make sure that you understand all fees.

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