Once set-up for Mobile Banking, you can easily buy your airtime, any time, anywhere for yourself or friends and family.


When your savings account is registered and activated, you can follow these easy steps to activate your Mobile Banking.

Activate Mobile Banking

Once you've opened your SureCard account and it is active you will receive an sms on your registered mobile number with the following message:

(During registration you will be asked to enter your new PIN. It must be 4 digits. Decide on your PIN before you start with registration.)

Welcome to SureCard Mobile Banking

Your One Time PIN: xxxx

Dial *134*137# to activate

Terms and Conditions @

(You can access the TnC by clicking on the above link)

THE OTP IS ONLY VALID FOR 2 HOURS. Should you have missed the 2 hour window, please contact us at 0860 11 77 14 or visit the issuer where you received your card.

After you have received the above mentioned sms please follow the easy 1 - 4 prompts:

1.  Dial *134*137#

     Message displayed:

     Do you accept the Terms and Conditions as published on



2.  If accepted the following message will be displayed:

     Please enter your One Time PIN

3.  When you have entered the One Time PIN sent to you, the following message will be displayed:

     Please enter your new PIN

4.  Set-Up is now complete. Save this number* 134*137# to your phone and access your Mobile Banking quickly from there.


buy airtime

By accessing your Mobile Banking via USSD, you can easily buy airtime anywhere at any time, for yourself, family or friends.

1.  Dial *134*137#

2.  Selection option 7) Buy Airtime

3.  Select from account 

     1) xxxxxxxxxx

4.  Select a network 

     1) Vodacom

     2) MTN

     3) CellC

     4) Telkom

5.  Select the telephone Number 

     1) Mine

     2) Other


6.  Choose the amount that you would like to buy 

     1) R5

     2) R10

     3) R20

     4) R30

     5) Own Amount

7.  The following message will be displayed

     Number to be loaded 27xxxxxxxxx

     Amount Rxx Network xxxx

     Confirm Payment

     1) Yes

     2) No


8.  A message will be displayed whether your purchase was successful or not.



Please read through the following tips and notes:

1.  Transact using your mobile phone by dialing *134*137#

2.  Please keep your PIN secret - remember this is access to your account and money.

3. Should you forget your PIN call our Client Care Department at 0860 11 77 14 or visit the issuer where you received your card.

4.  Never trust anyone with your PIN